Ted Bardacke on How CCAs Can Enhance Our Sustainable Energy Future

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, Ted Flanigan speaks with Ted Bardacke, Chief Executive Officer at Clean Power Alliance (CPA), the locally-operated electricity provider for 32 communities and approximately one million customers across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

He is an innovator with a unique career focusing on sustainability and economic development that spans three continents. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA), where he actively works on CCA and energy market issues across California.

He and Ted Flanigan discuss his background, growing up in the Bay area, spending time in Mexico, attending Wesleyan University, serving as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times of London during the 90s in both Mexico City and Bangkok, and then moving back to the states to attend the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University. 

Prior to CPA, Ted Bardacke worked for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, where he was Director of Infrastructure for the City of Los Angeles and Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Sustainability Office. Prior to that, he worked in the Green Urbanism Program at Global Green USA. Ted Bardacke also taught at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs for 10 years.

In his current role at CPA, Ted Bardacke works with the Board of Directors and CPA’s experienced staff to develop and implement CPA’s strategy to rapidly decarbonize Southern California’s electricity system, provide customer choice and competitive rates, and deliver customer programs that benefit the CPA community.
Ted Bardacke on How CCAs Can Enhance Our Sustainable Energy Future
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