Ted and Sierra Flanigan's Clean Energy Crash Course: The Emissions Time Bomb

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, father-daughter duo, Ted and Sierra Flanigan host the clean energy crash course focusing on the Emissions Time Bomb.

They start at the very genesis, when EcoMotion was hired to conduct GHG inventories and climate action plans in the Coachella Valley. To demonstrate to the communities how carbon emissions are compounding, and problems that are caused, Ted decided to come up with a representation of the average person in California's carbon footprint - 1 metric ton of CO2 per month. 

After some research, the vision was born and the EcoMotion team decided to build the display to scale, calling it the Emissions Time Bomb, which served a really important purpose in raising awareness. Ted and Sierra then get into the details: how to simulate the graphic, reaching out to bounce house technology and experts and inflatable vendors, how to master the accuracy of calculations in the display, and cost.

They also discuss the ultimate use, which was to raise awareness about climate issues in the communities, as well as creating the full fledged Save a Ton campaign. The goal of the campaign was to try to get people to save 1 ton, or 1/12th of their annual emissions. 

While its primary use was in the Coachella Valley for work funded by Southern California Edison, the Bomb was used in many cities in Southern California and even made a road trip to New England, where it ended its eight-campus tour at Yale University.

Ted concludes by sharing that the Emissions Time Bomb ultimately fulfilled its mission and is now looking for a new home! He asks listeners to reach out if they know of any organizations that would have interest in the donation. 
Ted and Sierra Flanigan's Clean Energy Crash Course: The Emissions Time Bomb
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