Ted and Sierra Flanigan's Clean Energy Crash Course: Mini Series on International Travels, Part 3

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, father-daughter duo, Ted and Sierra Flanigan conclude the clean energy crash course mini series focusing on Ted's international travels. Part 3 focuses on Ted's work and tours in the Philippines, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and concluding with Iceland. They dive into the context for each trip, and discuss lessons learned.

Ted begins with his work in the Philippines as part of the Efficient Lighting Initiative to accelerate transitions to more efficient lighting in developing countries. There was a big focus on rural electrification and advancing more efficient technologies. He then hops over to Sweden for four consecutive summers with The Energy Coalition. The purpose of these trips were exchanges with utility and city officials from California, notably from Irvine and Santa Monica, and vice versa, as well as with students through the PEAK program. Ted highlights the district heating systems and comfort utility rates.

Sierra then asks Ted about his solar tours in Germany and Spain. He starts with Germany, unpacking the reason why Germany is seen as a global leader in solar, and sharing the story of the most lucrative feed-in tariff (FIT) ever implemented. He then moves on to Spain, highlighting the difference with their FIT program, which was not quite as rich, but really moving the market at the time.

They conclude with the tour of Iceland's geothermal facility, and Ted shares how impressed he was by the sheer amount of geothermal energy and electricity as a result, that the country started converting cars to hydrogen fuel with the excess to decarbonize their transportation sector.

Ted and Sierra wrap the three-part series, highlighting how rich the world is with renewables, and how much can be learned when travelling with a mission and broadening horizons.
Ted and Sierra Flanigan's Clean Energy Crash Course: Mini Series on International Travels, Part 3
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