Kristian Hansen on Sustainable, Slow Fashion

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, Ted speaks with Kristian Hansen, aka "the jeans guy," Founder and CEO of Slø Jean Company, a denim power house on a mission to tackle fast fashion issues within the industry. 

Ted and Kristian discuss his background, born in Calgary, Canada, grew up in Dubai, UAE, moved to the states for boarding school and university, and has been bouncing around the world ever since. 

He attended the University of Pennsylvania, studied data analytics and minored in climate science, and attended Harvard Business School online.

Kristian shares his story with Ted, when he went thrifting during the pandemic and accidentally bought a pair of women’s jeans. In the process, he went viral, with his story resonating with nearly everyone he speaks to, boasting 700K followers and 6.8M likes on TikTok

Fast forward to today, that experience kicked off a series of events that lead to the founding of Slø, which has redefined what it means to build companies through community. With a remarkable $360,000 pre-seed funding, a 100,000-strong waitlist (projected $10M revenue), and zero ad spend, he and his team are igniting the slow fashion revolution. 

He and Ted discuss navigating sustainability in an industry built on exploitation and waste, pioneering eco-conscious capitalism to combat the climate crisis, leveraging consumer power and data, and the importance of community building vs. traditional marketing. 
Kristian Hansen on Sustainable, Slow Fashion
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