Greg Poschman on Maintaining the Quality of Life and Development in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, Ted speaks with Greg Poschman, Pitkin County Commissioner for District 3.

Greg has served on the boards or advisory boards of local non-profits, including Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), and on Pitkin County’s Healthy Rivers and Streams Advisory Board, from its founding until the fall before he ran for Commissioner in 2016. He's also served on the Aspen Public Radio Advisory Board. Greg knows the community well, having made many biographies and documentaries for and about local non-profits, including The Aspen Institute, Music Festival, Challenge Aspen, and the Aspen Hall of Fame.

He and Ted discuss his background, being born and raised in Aspen. His father, Harry, was a 10th Mountain Division ski trooper who taught skiing to the troops at Camp Hale, Colorado, then fought in the major battles in the Italian Alps. His mother, Jony, was an avid skier, journalist, and artist. Harry Poschman, Greg's father, helped construct the first chairlift in 1946. Greg’s parents also started a ski lodge and his father was the sole operator of the Aspen Chamber of Commerce in the early 1950s, tasked with promoting their then-unknown ski resort.

Greg is a graduate of Aspen High School, and has a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Colorado, with minors in business and filmmaking. He later travelled the world shooting documentaries and nature films, and over the course of his career, won 3 National Television Emmy awards for Directing and Camerawork.

In his current role as a District 3 Pitkin County Commissioner, representative to the CORE board, he's helped build a powerful board of trustees, attract major donations, and helped begin the smooth transition to a new CEO. He shares with Ted his motivation for joining the Board of County Commissioners, his feelings of optimism around the role, and his intentions to serve another term. 
Greg Poschman on Maintaining the Quality of Life and Development in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado
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