Gareth Evans on Navigating the Energy Transition

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, Ted speaks with Gareth Evans, CEO and Founder of VECKTA, a platform and team of experts that accelerate and simplify the deployment of onsite energy solutions for businesses globally. With 20 years of experience in the energy and resource sectors, he is an expert in microgrid and distributed energy planning and design, construction and monitoring.

Currently based in San Diego, Gareth grew up in Liverpool, studied Environmental Science at Lancaster University, travelled around the world, and ended up in Calgary, Canada working for WorleyParsons supporting the cleanup of old oil and gas sites in the Rockies.

Gareth led Worley’s Global Distributed Energy Systems strategy and Power Networks & Systems team, ending up in the Middle East following the Gulf War, which set his mission in motion; it opened his eyes to a world without access to reliable energy and other basic essentials needed to survive. He saw the impact that can have on the stability of a region, and the health and success of businesses and communities. Driven by this experience, he committed himself to find solutions that create profitable and sustainable energy outcomes such that everyone can thrive. 

Helping Worley and its clients successfully navigate energy transition, Gareth sought out to empower businesses and communities make the global transition towards a more affordable, secure, and renewable energy future through VECKTA. VECKTA's platform empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions in their energy transition journey. Gareth and Ted discuss his business model, real life examples of businesses harnessing the power of onsite energy solutions, such as wineries and mines, and the future of resilience. 
Gareth Evans on Navigating the Energy Transition
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