Bryan Jackson on Residential Solar System Service and Repair Solutions

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In this episode of Flanigan’s Eco-Logic, Ted speaks with Bryan Jackson, Vice President of Sales for EnergyAid, a leading provider of high-quality service, maintenance, tune-ups, and system evaluations for residential solar customers. EnergyAid bridges the gap and offers dependable assistance, ensuring residential solar investment operates at its peak.

The management of EnergyAid has collectively over 100 years of experience in the solar power industry and is passionate about making sure system owners realize their expectations when it comes to system performance, utility bill reductions, and a positive effect on greenhouse gasses.

Born and raised in California, Bryan has seen the industry grow firsthand. He started his career in solar on the sales end, dealing with consumer frustrations that arose when original installers went out of business, or failed to provide the necessary service and maintenance required. That led him to providing the much needed residential solar service and repair solutions at EnergyAid.

He and Ted discuss the future of the solar industry, as Bryan points out is still in its infancy, and EnergyAid, which he predicts will be part of the service-first business model as it continues to mature. The company is expanding across the Western states, and has recently opened a location in Arizona. They are also working with new technologies, such as EV charging, which is a large component of the future.
Bryan Jackson on Residential Solar System Service and Repair Solutions
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